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OppCourt provides Business-Development-as-a-Service and recruitment services for cleantech German companies


For companies: Business-Development-as-a-Service

Engage with our extensive network, collect crucial market intelligence and outreach to new customers 

Increase your leads, business inquiries, opportunities and sales

Achieve business goals and sustainable presence in the market

for companies and talents: Recruitment 

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We have access to a talent pool of professionals and fresh graduates who are looking for a job in cleantech in Germany

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Based on your specific business needs, we match candidates with vacant roles at your company

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We know our candidates personally, cross-examine references, check cultural-fit and suitability for long-term prospects

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Why Us

Our Experience and Network

For years, OppCourt has been actively engaged in the cleantech sector, with a focus on solar energy. Our well-established network of clients and partners within this industry positions us strongly. Thus, if you’re aiming to expand your business, discover fresh prospects, uncover opportunities, or connect with emerging talent, feel free to get in touch without hesitation.

Our Value Proposition and Approach

We have developed a first of its kind system in the region that simplifies and quantifies the business development and sales activities needed by your business. This system focuses on the most effective time-bound steps that are necessary to fully complete the sales or business development engagement(s): whether this was a concrete short-time project or a long-term market engagement. Additionally detailed KPIs clarify to our clients how they can measure their progress. We also collect and process useful information for our clients regarding their products and services.

Our Vision

We want to make it easier, more effective and more transparent for businesses in the cleantech industry to conduct business with one another. We believe that this will accelerate the shift towards a net-zero carbon economy. We work diligently and continually in systemizing B2B sales and business development tasks and to achieve your business targets and meet deliverables.

What We Do

Understand customer’s needs and pain points. After analysis, provide a plan for the time-bound implementation of the sales support and business development strategy.

Pitching the customer’s product/services to potential customers.

Arranging and conducting meetings with customers.

Define a time-bound scope and clear KPI’s regarding tasks and objectives to achieve.

Other Services

Technical marketing and social media

We’ve worked with

Algebra Intelligence provides cutting-edge energy management solutions through its data-driven product TaQTaK by utilizing artificial intelligence techniques. We work with Algebra in identifying business opportunities in the EU and MENA regions through our network.

As the Swarm company, MicroEnergy International’s (ME) mission is the Bottom-Up Global Energy Transformation through various vehicles: Microenergy Systems, a research oriented think-tank, is leading the scientific discourse with academia across the world; ME Consult, a multidisciplinary team of experts specialized in linking energy inclusion with financial inclusion, supports stakeholders through technical assistance; ME SOLdesign, an engineering lab, designs soft- and hardware to accelerate the Global Energy Transformation through technical innovation; finally, all our initiatives and ideas are brought together into a business incubation and replication process, with ME SOLshare, our first Bangladeshi spin-off, as our flagship.

Solarabic™ is a Germany-and-MENA-based platform that digitally enables the transition towards a Zero-Carbon economy in the region. SolArabic provides all range of technical marketing to companies that want to outreach new customers and assume a thought leadership position. The portal is currently number one in terms of organic visitors monthly that focus on the region. OppCourt works with Solarabic in reaching out to potential customers in the cleantech sector, further business and product development.

K2 systems is a roof-mounting specialist, it focuses on developing and optimising innovative mounting systems, while always keeping feet on the ground. Through constant exchange with our customers, we can offer practical, long-lasting and secure solutions.

OppCourt has worked extensively with K2 systems to develop their business in the MENA region.

PI Berlin is the worldwide leading trusted technical advisor, risk manager and quality assurance provider for PV plants and equipment. The services span the factory, laboratory and the field with solutions that mitigate risks at any stage of the PV project. 

OppCourt has worked with PI Berlin throughout the different stages of sales and business development, from identifying and qualifying potential clients and opportunities in the region to closing business deals. We look forward to continued cooperation. 

About Us

OppCourt is a German based and EMEA region focused team of professionals in the solar and cleantech industry. We support businesses with sales and business development activities through its uniquely set-up system and approach.

How We Work

After an initial consultation

Draft a work plan

Define Targets and KPI's

Agree on duration and execution

Kick-off meeting bringing both teams on board


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